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Meet Ibyhealth, an innovative company in virtual reality apps for healthcare professionals. With our platform, you can hold conferences and telemedicine sessions in an immersive and interactive virtual space, saving valuable time and resources.

Our platform is highly accessible and mobile-optimized, ensuring fast loading of content on the go. Join us in changing the way people access health more efficiently and effectively.

Find out how we can help your organization grow and provide quality healthcare services at reduced costs – join Ibyhealth now!

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We understand that Health is everyone’s right. The Metaverse allows medical assistance to be universal. Thus, our platform is a global network of physicians, with the goal of giving assistance through virtual environments.


Education is a fundamental cornerstone on this mission, allowing the creation and spread of knowledge in Health. Thus, we share well-being information with the population, through specific space; we allow the exchange of insight between different health sectors.

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